3 Years After He Painfully Cheated On Juliet Ibrahim Which Ended Their Relationship, Iceberg Slim Flaunts Alleged New Girlfriend


Three years ago, the relationship between Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and her rapper boyfriend from Nigeria, Iceberg Slim shattered before any of us could say Jack Robinson (although most people expected it).

Both parties have moved on although it has occasionally been interspersed with sporadic apologies from Iceberg to Juliet for defying the sanctity of their relationship by cheating on her. Iceberg has obviously put the past behind him after he just flaunted a new woman purported to be hs his new girlfriend.

Those who have come across photo posit that the Ghanaian thespian is far prettier and curvier than the one whose photos he posted. We can’t independently verify if the lady in question is Iceberg’s girlfriend but the rapport their selfie depicted has sent people’s imagination running wild.

See the photo below;