5 Guaranteed Ways To A Nigerian Woman’s Heart


Nigerian women. What a phenomenon. If you’ve ever had to woo a Nigerian woman, you know it’s not exactly the easiest of tasks.

Asides swimming through 7 oceans and conquering 7 mountains, there a few other things that can get you to a Nigerian woman’s heart. I made a list.

1. Give her money

You can’t go wrong with this one. Just send her something. The more zeroes there are in the alert, the better your chances.

2. Buy her food

The best way to a Nigerian woman’s heart is through her stomach. Nobody has ever gone wrong with buying a woman lunch.

3. Buy her weave

Your forgiveness is assured if you do this one.

4. Take her on a spa date

Nigerian women love massages. Nigerian women love dates. What’s better than combining the two?

A-black-woman-relaxing-at-a-spa. Photo Capital FM | The Guardian Nigeria  News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World  News

5. Vacation

Weekend getaway? Great. A week-long vacation in a country preferably in Europe? That’s it. You’ve won.