#BBNaijaLockdown: Negative & Positive Impact of On Nigerian Youth During This lockdown


Big Brother Naija is an annual reality Television show by multichoice aired on DSTV and GOTV.

It is a TV show where housemates are hosted in an apartment for months with the objective of living together and expressing their lifestyles, while viewers vote for the most accepted or popular housemates as it suits them.

The show is actually hosted by Ebuka Elendu and anonymous Big Brother. There are usually about 20 housemates from the beginning of the show with the aim of winning the cash price and the objects gift.

Although some Nigerians have negative views about the show based on moral or religious standards, while others feel it’s fine to watch and support the housemates on the show despite’s the moral delinquencies exhibited on the show.

We are looking at the positive and negative impact of the Big Brother Naija show on Nigerian youths.

Positive Impact.

Big Brother Naija like any other show helps youth to understand what it means to live with people, they have never met.

The ability to tolerate other people despite differences in tribe, religion, beliefs or any other standards of living.

Big Brother Naija also increase the national income via tax, basically the show rakes in millions of Naira if not close to billions.

Multichoice is definitely gonna be paying taxes to the state or and federal government depending on the profit it rakes in for the company.

If something adds to our economy, do we need to be bothered about any other effects?

Another indirect positive impact of the Big Brother Naija show is the psychological impact it has on people facing depression and boredom.

The show is full of moments, memories, and hilarious scenes that could make one’s day.

On the negative impact; the show is full of moral delinquencies that is totally not upright. Parents are advised not to allow their children to watch the show in other not to abuse their moral standards.

There are negative explicit contents and scenes on the show that is not fit for adults not to talk of kids.

As we have moral delinquencies, there are also religious beliefs which the shows stand as an antagonist to.

In that sense, many activities on the show are against religious beliefs and may be considered sins against God.

To buttress this point, another reason why Big Brother Naija Maybe negative May have a negative impact is in the area of taking people’s time.

A lot Nigerians spend their time glued to the TV watching the show while they would have used the same time to do useful things.

Dear reader, please tell us why you think Big Brother Naija has positive or negative impacts.