BREAKING NEWS! Gory sights as cooking gas explosion hits Ajao Estate in Lagos


About five people were feared dead on Tuesday evening after a gas explosion at the Ajao Estate, less than five kilometers from the Murtala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos.

An eyewitness told our correspondent on the scene that the explosion was caused by cooking gas.

In the debris left by the explosion, the bodies of the dead were torn apart and dismembered.

Although the number of dead has not yet been determined, it was learned that four first responders were injured at the scene. Cars, shops and houses nearby were also affected.

The ******** occurred after a 62-year-old woman who owned a gas cooking business and her 32-year-old daughter were called back on their way home to serve a “regular customer” who was trying to fill a gas bottle.

The shop owner was able to fill the gas without an ********. However, the trouble began when the customer wanted to load the already filled bottle into a tricycle standing by.

An eyewitness said that the cylinder had fallen down and exploded. This first explosion triggered a series of further explosions, killing the store owner, his daughter and others yet to be identified.

Details coming soon.