Chinwe and I [Newsunplug Stories]


Every university graduate always looking forward to undergoing his National Youth Service Corp as it’s brings a joyful memory and to the fact I will be going to another state and town.

It’s also gives every member of the Corp a freedom away from home. The Corps uniform itself is a beauty to behold.

So it was my turn to serve my motherland in the adorable uniform so every necessary mobilization done and I was posted to Abuja for my services.

After the much touted weeks mandatory orientation and I was posted to my PPA where I met Pastor Chris who I hold in high esteem as you could the fire burning inside of him whenever duty calls on him to talk about God.

Pastor Chris is married with two lovely sons and also had Chinwe, her wife’s sister staying with them because she is also waiting to be mobilized and set for her service year.

Chinwe, is a reserved damsel, down to earth and speaks her mind freely irrespective of the situation.

Every man will always dream to her as girlfriend when you hear her speak. She brims with confidence, very eloquent, sonorous voice like an angel.

Pastor Chris and I became so love as he took me as his god-son and I as my god-father.

He beckoned on me to move in with them for my service year, which I did not rebuff because it will afford me some savings in terms of accommodation, feeding and some sundry expenses.

So, it all started when I was reading one of my novels about love and intimacy that I realized Chinwe who was also seated across with a magazine covering her face started moving in a seductive way.

I thought for once, she was possessed, so I freaked out only to discover that I was wearing a tore boxer that exposed my private part to her full glare.

Truth be told I am endowed in that region and she had be sitting for quite some time.

In the night, I was on the bed, couldn’t sleep and the thought of her kept creeping in and out as it has never occurred to me that I would develop any emotions towards he because we don’t really get along in the house.

Suddenly the light went out and I saw a silhouette in my room that suggested her physique
so I couldn’t be bothered so I went back to catch some sleep.

Not so long I felt a torch in my groin that sent a sweet sensation to my brain and low and behold it was Chinwe stark naked in my room and asking to me come into her.

I tried to resist, cast and bind that night but I failed as all the necessary Bible quotes to do this varnished and I felt for it.

It was so sweet and smooth that we continued in that iniquity till it became glaring to my Pastor and his wife because Chinwe always treated special even when her sister is around.

This arouse suspicion and we were both literately exposed.

Now I have to marry Chinwe as opined by my pastor and her sister.

My parent are not in support of this what do I do? Please advice.