Cyber Crime: Internet Fraud in Nigeria


Internet fraud in Nigeria has been going on for years but in recent times, the number of fraud committed on the internet has risen drastically and it’s mostly common among youth.

Many youth who engaged in fraud become rich overnight with or without their parents’ knowledge.

They are highly respected and often initiate their peers into the scam.

According to the Nigerian Police Force(NPF) statistics, thousands of undergraduates  dabble into this scam.

Investigation reveals that this development is responsible for drastic reduction in cultism in higher institution,this can be said as an advantage but still internet fraud needs to be curbed.

The following paragraphs explains ways it can be curbed.

The bedrock of internet fraud is unemployment and poverty.70% of youth who engage in this scam do it to gain livelihood while the remaining 30% do so to oppress and enjoy fairy tale influential lifestyle.

If jobs can be created for majority by both governmental and non governmental bodies or would reduce internet fraud.

Another effective measure is having a good national data base which can only be created by the government.

A good data base provides history checks, personal record,social information, address, phone number and even crimes records of every citizen.

This would help to track and locate people who engage in internet fraud.

Moreover having an effective and existing penalty that cannot be bribed against internet fraud would also help in curbing it.

If a penalty is placed and it’s effective it would scare away perpetrators and most people would think twice before engaging in internet fraud.

Internet fraud cannot be totally eradicated in Nigeria because the system is corrupt, it can only be minimized.