How To S3duce A Man In 3 Easy Ways


Many confuse s3duction with flirting, although they are similar, they are quite different.

Regardless of the difference, it applies to every man.

However, it comes down to knowing the right switch to flip. Most of the time, it is your personality, your smile and your smell that can s3duce a man. You need to find that one thing that will turn his head.

However, with these 3 killer techniques, you can surely s3duce him.

1, Your Smell: Apart from your physical attributes, the first thing that catches a man’s attention is your scent. In this regard, the choice of scent matters.

2, Be confident: Confidence is the name of the game. A man likes his babe or a woman he meets for the first time to be confident.

Carry yourself like the queen you are, but don’t be too proud, know the line you shouldn’t cross.

3, Show some skin: dress responsibly, but showing a little skin is not bad. Don’t dress desperately or too shabby.

Feel comfortable in what you wear and carry yourself with pride.