“I feel like I’m caging you and in your way” – Liquorose to Emmanuel as she continues to avoid him


During Liquorose dairy session yesterday, Big Brother told her to play a prank on her love interest, Emmanuel by avoiding him for some days and if she can do this well, she gets rewarded during her next diary. After what happened yesterday night, it seems Liquorose is playing her part well as Emmanuel is becoming worried she is avoiding him.

Emmanuel gave instances he tried to talk to her but still, she wouldn’t even look at this face talkless of replying to him and in response to that, Liquorose said when she needed him to be by her side, he wasn’t there so there’s no point. She then went on to say she feels like she’s caging him from things he wouldn’t want to do and in his way as he has been excited all day without her which confirms the fact that she’s in his way.

Even though Emmanuel replied saying she wasn’t in his way, Liquorose then said actions speak louder and doesn’t want him to worry about her. Apart from that, Liquorose also said Emmanuel was talking about “ships” that are down in the house.

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Despite trying to get her sleep in the room, Liquorose in a bit to make this looks serious ended up passing the night at the lounge.