LeBron James Builds His Daughter A Mini Version Of His Mansion For Her 6th Birthday


NBA star, LeBron James built a mini version of his mansion for his daughter, Zhuri who will be 6 on October 22.

The Los Angeles Lakers star gave her a small house built right next to their big house.

“EARLY BDAY GIFT MY PRINCESS!!!!!” James says on a video posted on social media. “LOVE YOU BABY

“This little girl has the nerve to have her own house,” James says on the video as he shows the back of his home then pans to his daughter’s house. “How your house look just like the big house, though?”

Inside Zhuri’s house is a kitchen and sitting room, complete with a purple couch and pink cushions and a black and white checkered floor.

In a video shared by LeBron, Zhuri is seen cleaning a section of her floor where her father has just stepped.

“Oh, my bad. I got your floor dirty?” James says, laughing.

Are you doing school? Are you doing school from your crib,” James asks his daughter in the video.

Then he asks her if she’s taking a break.

“What you got, a little break from school right now?” James asks her. Zhuri nods, and he says, “That’s hilarious.”

Watch the video below.