Man Invites a Lady to Clean his House, Takes her to The Bedroom where he Allegedly Forced her in Bed


Samuel Ndiukani, a man who allegedly forced a woman to engage in the act with him has landed himself in hot soup.

It is said that he allegedly tricked a desperate casual laborer into his house located in the Lang’ata area, Nairobi county before going for a knife which he threatened to stab her if she did not comply with his advances.

The man has however been arraigned at Kibera law courts after doing the act to the woman inside his house on 10th November 2021 after threatening her with a knife. Recapping how it all went down, Samuel had invited the woman inside his house so that she could help him perform domestic house chores at a fee.

While inside, a down payment was agreed upon which Samuel paid via mobile transfer money. He then went ahead to show her inside the rooms in the apartment, when in one of the apartment’s bedrooms, Samuel went for a knife and threatened her, he ordered her to take off all her clothes and switch off her mobile phone.

Trembling with fear, the woman was left with no other option but to adhere to the orders made. He then forced the woman to engage in the act with him before locking the door and leaving her inside.

The woman took her phone switched it on and tried reaching her family members for immediate help, it is from there that she saw the door’s spare keys which she used to open the door and flee the house.

She immediately headed to the police where he reported the matter, the police responded with ease and arrested the man responsible before it was too late. He however denied being involved in the saga and was released on a bond of Ksh200,000 and alternative cash bail amounting to Ksh70,000, the case will be mentioned on 26th November 2021.