“This is what is going on every day” Dr. Bashir Kurfi narrates how bandits in Katsina allegedly r*p3d a new mum and her mother who visited to help care for the newborn (video)


Dr. Bashir Kurfi who is the National Chairman of Network for Justice has shared the heartbreaking story of how a mother and her daughter who just welcomed a baby were allegedly r*p3d by bandits in Kurfi, Katsina state.

Katsina has over the years witnessed several bandit attacks.

Speaking in an interview after visiting the community, Kurfi said

”Everyday some people will be killed. Everyday they are r*p3d. I am just coming from Kurfi. One lady came to us telling us that she went to see her daughter who just gave birth and then the bandits came. They asked her to hold the baby and they r*p3d the daughter. Afterwards, they asked the daughter to hold the baby and they raped the mother. This is what is going on everyday.”

Watch the video of him sharing the story below