Traders at Marikiti market count losses after night fire (Photos)


Marikiti traders are counting losses after a night fire destroyed part of the market in Nairobi’s CBD.

The traders have been engaging in an alleged land dispute ownership with Kenya Railways.

This incident came a day after Kenya Railways evicted some traders who worked at a site owned by the parastatal.

Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua alias Jaguar termed the fire as arson as he called for swift action be taken.

“I’ve heard your cries, & I’ll voice your concerns in Parliament. We will get answers. We will hold these arsonists accountable. @KenyaRailways_, a state corporation, cannot commit such injustices without repercussions,” Jaguar’s Twitter post read.

Traders at Marikiti market count losses after night fire
Traders at Marikiti market count losses after night fire
Market fires

He opined that traders are already struggling to make ends meet and such an act is setting them back financially.

“This act of arson targeting goods owned by Marikiti traders is indefensible. The damage caused by the fire is total,” the Starehe MP said.

“Millions lost in a few hours. Parents will have nothing to put on the table for their children. How will the traders start again when they were already struggling,” he added.

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This fire comes barely a month after a mysterious fire burnt a section of Nairobi’s Gikomba market, leading to losses amounting to millions of shillings.

Gikomba traders are yet to be compensated and no word ever emerged about the cause of the fires which have been rampant this year.