US- based Nigerian Author and Philanthropist is in Kenya, Mr.Happy Ogunjimi.


Mr. Happy Ogunjimi is an author, scriptwriter, movie producer, and songwriter who resides in Durham, North Carolina, where he has been for the past 20 years. He is originally from Lagos, Nigeria where he was born. He lives with his partner Rosa Santana and his two daughters, Jazlynn and Mayjerre.

Ogunjimi is a big fan of Gunner’s, he loves visiting the museum, coaching soccer, and is also a supporter of Duke University. Additionally, he is fluent in Yoruba and Itsekiri.

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Speaking to NewsUnplugKe, Ogunjimi shared that he had a passion for writing dating back to his childhood years. His passion to write about the Outcome of Civilization in Africa was derived from his personal experience when he visited Nigeria in 2010. He felt that the living standards of Nigerians and the government were much different from that of the western world. That compelled him to write a book on how to make the situation better by inspiring hope and change for basic freedoms and humanity.

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Mr. Ogunjimi has a passion for sustainable development and the improvement of environmental standards in Africa. It is for this reason that he visited Kenya and Africa in general to create awareness of how the western culture works and hopes to convince the governments in Africa to do what the western world does.

His book is currently on Amazon, check the link below:

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